A Simple Neurostimulation Platform for Mental Health and Human Performance Applications

Anxiety is the most prevalent mental health condition in the United States

Anxiety Episode

No one is immune from it.

Anxiety occurs when a stressor triggers feelings of anxiousness, and if left unchecked those feelings of anxiousness can quickly build up until the attack threshold is met, triggering a full-on anxiety attack. Once the attack is over, anxiety can remain elevated and can lead to another attack if not dealt with quickly. It is a painful experience that can disrupt life’s most important moments.

To successfully prevent an anxiety attack, one must have a powerful method to suppress feelings of anxiousness before they get out of control.

Treatment Location

P57 ONE applies mild electrical stimulation to cranial nerves in and around the ear and neck area to treat anxiety. Specifically, the P57 ONE stimulates the vagus  and great auricular nerves to quickly reduce sympathetic output and relieve anxiety after a single 10-minute treatment.

Currently, P57 ONE can only be used by participating in one of our clinical studies. See our Clinical Trial page for more information. You may enter your email to stay up to date on our progress and to find out when P57 ONE will be made publicly available.

The P57 ONE Immediately Suppresses Feelings of Anxiousness

The P57 ONE is a novel noninvasive neurostimulation device. It works by applying an electrical waveform engineered to activated a branch of the vagus and great auricular nerves around the ear and neck area.

These nerves communicate with regions in the brain that control autonomic activity and are responsible for controlling the body’s response to stress and anxiety. Electrically stimulating the vagus and great auricular nerves immediately activates this response and leads to reduced anxiety symptoms. 

Anxiety Episode

Powerful Results Validated in Two IRB-Approved and Sham-Controlled Clinical Studies

Compare with Other Popular Treatment Options

For a detailed analysis of the mechanism of action behind the P57 ONE, submit our form to request our whitepaper. 

Consistent treatment with the P57 ONE may reduce the severity of your anxiety episode, the amount of time spent in an anxious state, and the frequency of anxiety attacks experienced over time. See our case study for more information.

It is an excellent tool that you can use to supplement a core treatment practice such as counseling therapy or a medication regimen, or to manage anxiety symptoms over the long term, which helps reduce the likelihood of having to go back to complete another round of core therapy.

P57 ONE vs. Other Methods

(does the work for you)
Precision Nerve Targeting
Discreet Use in Public
Safe and Non-Addictive
Rescue Medication
Alternative Supplements
Other CES Devices
Phone A Friend
Wait It Out
tVNS Devices

Request our whitepaper to see how we compare our product to other available medical devices and non-medical wellness devices.

Take the Anxiety out of pricing

Compare H57 ONE Pricing with Other Popular Treatment Options

Counseling Therapy








*Pricing based on the average cost of treatment for 5 years of Anxiety treatment.
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A Superior Neurostimulation Experience

Comfortable treatment with enhanced dry electrode technology.

Wireless, portable, and fits in one hand.

Discreet design for use in public settings.

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