Drug-free technologies designed to enhance human performance


Mindful focus that leads to increased clarity and precision
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Remain calm and collected under the most demanding situations


No loss of perception or reaction time
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Reduce muscle tension for a smoother motion
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Drug-free neuromodulation technology to induce a state of mental peak-performance
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The P57 ONE

by Hoolest Performance Technologies

Hoolest utilizes vagus nerve stimulation  to activate the bodies the bodies natural calming state in the parasympathetic nerves system.

Deep Focus

Vagus nerve stimulation works to calm the body and brain. This calming effects aids users entering intense focus.


In addition to deep focus, the P57 ONE's aids in calming the body naturally and safely without the of harmful use drugs

The Science

The P57 ONE works by applying small electric impulses that stimulate a branch of the vagus nerve near the ear. This activates the body’s own response to induce a calm and focused state.

The Science


Stress and anxiety can significantly inhibit performance

Mindfulness/meditation take too much time and discipline
Anxiety Drugs
Drugs like beta blockers and SSRI’s are not viable long term treatments; expensive, negative side effects, and highly addictive.
No convenient solution offering relief when you need it.


The P57 ONE electrical nerve stimulator: a drug-free technology that keeps you calm and focused so you can perform your best.

Drug Free
The P57 ONE stimulates a branch of the vagus nerve to increase parasympathetic activity, the body’s natural calming response.
The P57 ONE begins working in minutes, with affects lasting up to an hour.
A non-invasive, drug-free technology that provides immediate relief when you need it, without the side effects of drugs.
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Nicholas Hool

Ph.D. Bioengineering

Luke Williams

Product and Visual Designer
Masters of Industrial Design

John Patterson

Product and Electrical Engineering Manager
Bachelors Electrical Engineering Circuit Design

Sami Miam

Masters of Computer Engineering Manager

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The P57 ONE is a medical device and is not currently for sale.
If you are interested in learning about what this technology is and how it can help you manage stress and stay cool under pressure, send us a message to be considered for our next private beta! (Must be in Phoenix, AZ area)
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