A Simple Neurostimulation Platform for Mental Health and Human Performance Applications


Mindful focus that leads to increased clarity and precision
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No loss of perception or reaction time
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Remain calm and collected under the most demanding situations


Reduce muscle tension for a smoother motion
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Drug-free neuromodulation technology to induce a state of mental peak-performance
P57 ONE is a novel non-invasive neurostimulation device. It works by applying mild electrical impulses to a branch of the vagus and great auricular nerves around the ear and neck area. This method suppresses the body’s sympathetic response and has several mental health and human performance applications.

There are several features of the P57 ONE that make it distinct and superior to other neurostimulation devices. If you have an interest in neurostimulation and would like to learn more, submit an inquiry using the form below and a team member will follow up with you.

A Superior Neurostimulation Experience

Comfortable treatment with enhanced dry electrode technology.

Wireless, portable, and fits in one hand.

Discreet design for use in public settings.

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We are actively conducting clinical trials with the P57 ONE and the device is not currently available for sale. Check out our clinical study page to learn how you can participate in a clinical trial. You may also fill out the form below to learn about new clinical study and beta test opportunities we have planned in 2022.
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